Make it simple! First thing you’ll need to know is your feet’s measure. Keep in mind that sizes in normal shoes nothing has to do with sandals sizes, so forget about that number and start it from the beginning: How long is your feet? 

If don’t know it by now, just draw your feet across the outside line into a paper sheet and measure it from the heel up to the farther toe.  There is plenty of tutorial down the internet…. it is really simple!

Once you know how long is your longer foot, just go down to the list to find out your right size:

Feet between 22 and 22,8 cms long > T.4 (23,5cms)
Feet between 22,9 and 23,7 cms long > T.5 (24,4cms)
Feet between 23,8 and 24,6 cms long > T.6 (25,3cms)
Feet between 24,7 and 25,2 cms long > T.7 (25,9cms)
Feet between 25,3 and 25,8 cms long > T.8 (26,5cms)
Feet between 25,9 and 27 cms long > T.9 (27,7cms)
Feet between 27,1 and 27,9 cms long > T.10 (28,6cms)
Feet between 28 and 28,6 cms long > T.11 (29,3cms)
Feet between 28,7 and 29,3 cms long > T.12 (30cms)
Feet between 29,4 and 30 cms long > T.13 (30,7cms)

If you need help, please contact us in shop@enixsandals.com to get more info.